Tuesday, February 4

Annoying myself

          How do I annoy me, let me count the ways.....
               1.  I procrastinate. 
               2.  I don't know when to say "enough" and then walk away. 
               3.  I can be a wuss, if I think I will stink at something or fail, then I won't try.
               4.  I don't always trust my gut. I usually should. 
               5.  I sometimes my to do list is unrealistically long. I'm a slacker if I don't get it done. Today!
               6.  I sometimes don't speak very nicely to myself. 
   There are plenty more but I have procrastinated so long today that I'm running behind because
   my to do list is huge and I have said yes to everyone and I'll be a jerk loser if I fail to get it all done!!!

                                              That's it ;) my best for today!!! Xxoo


                                                   My favorite place to procrastinate!!

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