Thursday, January 30

What Annoys Me Most About Myself...

Oh, I could talk about my lack of self control with ice cream, my inability to keep my finger nails strong and long, my tendency to try to fit too much into my schedule, the list could go on and on. Hmm as I type this, I'm actually thinking that the fact that I'm so hard on myself could be considered another thing that annoys me about myself, but I digress :)

Perhaps my biggest annoyance is my need to know what outrageous, rude thing Brandi did this week?

Or why Teresa threw her latest tantrum, or better yet what absurd outfit she's sporting...

Or how about who's the latest Miami housewife to get plastic surgery?!

It's all just so obnoxious but the worst thing about it is that I feed into it! After a long day, what I should be doing is relaxing my mind with a good book, or puzzle, but instead I'm flipping on the idiot box to watch trash TV. It's not good! It's a problem I have and something that really annoys me about myself! :) 


  1. Step away from the madness!! :)))

  2. As your friend and life partner, I'm willing to help get you off this garbage :)