Saturday, October 19

Mom Post: Morning in the Gully

Good Morning Luv,
         It's a lovely quiet morning here in the gully.  This has been a busy week down here in our "enchanted forest," as Olivia likes to call it.  They have broken through and will soon be putting the road behind us. I would put a sad face but honestly, I think it is what your little sister needs.  Of course when we bought this "White House" in the gully we knew they would be building a neighborhood in, that was thirteen years ago so we really can't complain, can we?  No stopping progress! It was a perfect setting to raise the Fab Four in but number five needs to be around kids... So the new neighborhood will be perfect for us too!  It's just how we look at life :)
       Well, I am most often the first to get up around here and it's either dark, dewy and/or foggy but either way it is peaceful, quiet - perfect. This is what today looked like at 6:30...

        Not too hard to take, nope I'd say we are pretty lucky.  Change isn't ever comfortable but no sense in fighting it. The key is to learn to roll with it. Good or bad, it is what our lives are about.  I would even say that when you are getting too comfortable and things are too predictable it is time to shake it up.  Each day is a change from the previous one, a chance to do something different or maybe just look at something a little different.  Here's what I know, that even when life around you sucks, how you think about it, your internal conversation is most important. We are capable of this magic, it's like telling ourselves turkey bacon is as yummy as bacon bacon!!  You see what I'm saying?  So for me, our "enchanted forest" is going to become an "enchanted hamlet".  I think Liv will like the sounds of that!!  
            Well I've burnt the bacon bacon so I must go get breakfast for your sister and father. That's the best for today. Well for now anyways, it's still early!! 

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