Wednesday, October 30

Aubrey Post: Women

Hi Mom,

Sorry for being m.i.a this past week, as you know, it was a nutty one and I just haven't had a good chunk of time to sit down and write. But here I am, taking a step away from work to do want I really want to be doing - BLOG! :)

I'm reading Kate Morton's newest book, The Secret Keeper (slipped if off your bookshelf last week!) and am really enjoying it. It's seems as though I keep finding these little spots of female strength in so many facets of my life lately. Between this story, one of sisters trying to find answers to their mother's secretive and possibly heroic life during WWII, combined with the story of Irenna Sendler, a young nurse who sneaked away 2,500 Jewish children during WWII and so many other little stories that I keep hearing about, its forced me to think about us females and what we're all so very capable of.

I know we talk a lot about women on this blog but I suppose it's a topic we know best :) And are also most intrigued by, whether we're chatting about other women in our lives, learning about female leads, (fiction and non-fiction) or just trying to become better women ourselves, it's by far our best material to work with. Especially since most the time men just confuse us! Haha Women unite in a way men don't (that's a generalization but I think a fair one), we lean on one another, teach one another and challenge one another that men don't, so again, there's just so much to write and think about on the topic of "women" :)

Speaking of women, I think the shout-out of the week should go to our female friend, Jackie! After our conversation with her on Sunday, I think she both swayed our feelings and concerns about Liv and what makes her happy. "Just let her be who she is," is such a simply statement but has truly shifted our view on her upbringing (ha, Mom, you knew you were triple parenting Liv, right? you, dad and ME!). This weeks woman of the week virtual award goes to Jackie! :)

One more thing, because you're way too hard on yourself, check this out:

K, back to the grind

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