Saturday, November 2

Mom Post: This Girl Is On Fire

Determination ~ Power ~ Drive ~ Spirit ~ Energy ~ Courage

Cooperation ~ Reliable ~ Honest ~ Trustworthy ~ Teammate ~ Strength

Fun ~ Enthusiastic ~ Kind ~ Hardworking ~ Loving ~ Generous ~ Talented ~  Humble
        These words describe our daughter and they describe her perfectly but they're just the beginning of all that she is.  I could use similar words for any of our kids and have in the past.  They all have given us great joy, sprinkled with some pain.  I imagine that all parents feel this way, at least I hope they do. Just for today I am singling out one of our ducklings!

       I want to celebrate this girl because she has given us endless hours of entertainment over the years. We are very proud of you Mathilda Mary, you really are a warrior princess!  This part of the journey is coming to an end but we will always be your super fans, cheering from the sidelines!!!  Win or lose you are a SUPERSTAR!

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