Sunday, November 17

Mom Post: Sunday

Good morning Luv,
          Well it is a gray morning here in the gully.  We have no plans today. How about you?  I just ran to dunky ds got some coffee, kcups for later and a round of wake up wraps.  Olivia and Bates were waiting for my return. I almost ran into them as I opened the door.  Liv had a question she needed answered. "Mommy can I stay in my pajamas all day?"  I told her we would see. This kid is not over booked so it seems a little odd to me that she wants to stay put.  I now have something to think about over my coffee!
          What to do on Sunday?  I'll wait a bit for some answers!!!
          This is what Sunday is looking like here. Livy eating fast food and Mr. Bates waiting for the droppings!!!  What does your Sunday morning look like?  My best before 8:00 :)

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