Sunday, November 17

Aubrey Post: Candids! :)

Hi Mom!

I don't have any pics from what my morning looked like, but there was coffee, the couch, and actually a phone convo with you so it was pretty nice :)

I did go through my phone though and came across a bunch of pics, some of which I thought I'd share... get ready!

This is what happens when the electric bill isn't paid... darkness and Geo playing his guitar. Note to self: Never forget to pay the electric bill again! Just kiddingggg, we actually had fun, we got takeout, and did the crossword puzzle - a very romantic night :)  

Please take a closer look at the time this photo was taken - 3:04 AM.  Yaya, I'm all about being here for moral support and boy advice, but 3 in the morning on a school night?! It better be a gooooood xmas gift :)
So cozy, so cute.
Again, so cute, so cozy :)

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