Friday, January 3

Mom Post: Snow Day

           So it's a new year 2014!  Could this be the year we stick to this?  I think yes!!  I am an eternal optimist :)  I think it was Albert Einstein who said, "there are two types of people in the world, those who believe there are no miracles in life and those who believe all of life is a miracle".  I'm not sure if he said it exactly like that but you get the gist of it.  I say we make our own miracles, I have five!!!  So,here's to today, the 3rd of January 2014. It's bitter cold outside, about -17 but its cozy warm inside our house, the sun has come out, André Bocelli is serenading us, there are warm muffins and snow men that don't melt. Good company and no where to go.  A perfect day, we are truly enjoying being stuck inside.
         Any New Years resolutions?  I think I will keep mine a secret :) maybe I will give you hints along the way but, I think sticking to it will be more fun if it is a game of sorts!!  Seems to me that this resolution, might become a habit and then a lifestyle!  I am of course not known for following through on things so we shall see.  But, I am pretty sure that is the way the experts say it goes.  You know, who i am speaking of. Well, Oprah, Martha, and Dr. Oz, of course! Yes,  those experts!!  I will probably drop more expert friends names a lot.  I'm like that!  And there are soo many.  Albert is one of my favorites.   So, enough  about my favorite peeps. My resolution actually started before 2014.  Yep, the last day of 2013 I began my walk towards a better me :) my first step was to order my favorite flowers from my favorite florist.  You know who I am referring to, yes of course its Carl Danielson. I just love chatting flowers and plants with him anyways.  So the hydrangeas arrived  and aren't they beautiful? I think I should have fresh flowers around all the time, just because I love them.  Why does anyone need a reason?  Yes, I mean ALWAYS.  Next step was  fresh sheets on the bed, a new nightie and a lovely soak in bath oils Jackie gave me.  It is all organic stuff mmmm, smells good and  feels good too! I wrapped things up by watching a fun movie with your dad.  Finally, six chocolate kisses finished the year.  What girl could ask for more?  Okay, Kim Kardashian might see things differently :) who cares though!


          The first day of the year I spent with my real people :))) (my expert friends were busy) well, except my boys weren't home they were busy too.  No, not with those other people.  It was a lovely day spent putting away Christmas and cooking.  Here's another clue.... Homemade pasta and homemade Oreos.

          I've always wanted a pasta machine. Yummy!  Pasta was delicious, and making it was a lot of fun too. I believe I will get better with my technique.  Thanks, Jim for your help :) I'm glad you like leftovers and cold pasta!  Here's to pasta experiments.  The Oreos were not as good as I had imaged. For a couple of reasons those being, the original cookie being enough and me. I received a great new cookbook from Marcia for Christmas.  Of course I read it last week and am excited to try some new recipes. I also enjoyed the advice, course I am not one who always follows sound advice or directions!  You see the advice was to read through recipe(directions) completely and to prep before starting to cook anything, but especially a new recipe.  As you were there to witness the mess you know I didn't quite get to the end of recipe before I started.  Okay okay, I will definitely follow this advice in the future, well I will try. A resolution clue?  Anyways, the cookies were just not so good.  How can I come close to the original? Why would I need too?  Lesson learned. 
           Well, I have a few moments of quiet time whilst your sister sleeps.  A nap is always in order when you leave your taste buds on your frozen swing. ;)))) Poor little thing.  I mean that, it's just hard to hear my compassion over the giggles, but its there for sure.   REALLy   Anyways, getting in "Blue"and gonna chill till the beast wakes!!  I'm so glad Dad got the new Dennis Lehane book for Christmas.  So thoughtful of me huh??  :)  I think it's actually calling me right now!  That's my story morning glory and my best for today.  Stay warm xo

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