Tuesday, May 24

A Desk With A View

Working from home certainly has its perks...

The first being that I can look out the window and see trees! Not just another building or highway. The fact that I can open the windows and feel fresh air, see the sunlight and hear the breeze - ah it makes me quiver with happiness!

Another one being I can take breaks when I want, for instance today I was able to stop for a bit and put together our new bathroom shelving unit (yes, I had the toolbox out and everything!) WHILE watching Oprah's second to last episode! I don't watch Oprah very often but I do love what she stands for and admire all the amazing work she has done; she is certainly an inspiration.

I was also able to listen to my music as LOUD as I wanted! Offices typically have these outrageous regulations regarding the volume on your desk radio... as if other people are trying to concentrate or something. Pssh the nerve! :-p

Another lovely aspect of this new gig is that I can stroll down to the local coffee joint (aka - Dunkin Donuts, as if there is anywhere else to go!) and grab a refreshing, highly necessary cup of jo, WHENEVER I want. Does it get any better than that? I think not!

The only fault I have found with working from home, as of yet, is that being by myself I sometimes realize I have been sitting in front of my computer for hours without getting up once. Sure, it's productive but healthy? Not so much. When you are surrounded by others in an office atmosphere, it's much easier to find reasons to get up and move your muscles a bit. In fact I seemed to always find an excuse to do so at my last job. My "possi" and I always had to catch up regarding the previous nights activities. I was surrounded by single people soooo the gossip and juice was VERY good :) Anyways, I'm sidetracking here!

So to anyone out there who works from home, what do you do to maintain some active habits?

My FAVORITE perk of working from home is... I can BLOG when I want :)

Some pics from the weekend - I love sunny, spring days!

Hard at work...
Sweet shades Mom!

Work first...

Then PLAY!
New Fav :)


  1. It's cool that you work at home. I think I would like that. I also feel the same way about Oprah - I'm really going to miss her show.

  2. morning sunshine!

    I completely agree with the working from home thing. It is so easy to sit for hours without moving a muscle. It's so gorgeous out now you should set an alarm once or twice a day to get out for a 15 minute walk, even if its just to walk or ride your bike to dunks for some coffee :)

    i absolutely love those pictures. Looks like a beautiful spring day at your house! Tell Jim his lawn is looking good, like a lush green carpet!


  3. ps fantastic pictures, that new camera is awesome!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    The alarm idea is fantastic - Leah, you the best :)

    PS. I will pass on the message to Jimbo, he will appreciate it!

  5. If that were the view from my window, I'd never want to get up, either! You may need to draw the shade in order to create a reason to leave the computer.

    Thanks for the peek into your 'office'...and your mom is a CUTIE!