Wednesday, May 25

One Less Yankee Fan

Finally the sun woke us up today!! The sky is blue no clouds YET. It is amazing how those to things can lift your spirits. Except everything seems a little duller today, our world has been thrown off kilter. My father-in-law passed away last night after a long and courageous battle. He lived in Florida so we did not see him often but of course, he had a huge role in all our lives.

Without him there would be no Jim or any of my children and that is unimaginable. Distance makes families different, but the threads that hold families together stretch that distance. In China, there is a saying about the "red thread"; we are all connected by the thread and in times of turmoil, that thread feels even stronger. In another time, families lived close to each other, children had the chance to be a part of a large family unit. Now because the world has become smaller, it is not unusual for parents and siblings to live all over.

In seeing each other on occasions and just in contact through Facebook, Skype or the phone, there is less time together just to be. We are more connected, and yet that daily or weekly connection is gone for many families. At times like this I feel sad for my children that have not experienced that sense of belonging and having fewer memories to help them with their grief. But life is always changing and we do the best we can. Our memories and time with Grampa have made us all better people and the family connection goes on :)

So we are going about our day as usual but with heavy hearts and a feeling of loss for someone we loved. Tom I will miss you, and so will the Yankees!!


  1. Nice post Mom, I think Dad will definitley appreciate it :) There may be "few" memories with him but the memories we have are worthwhile, I mean how could I forget dinner in a dress like the one who bought me?? I mean, it was a total fashion statement, who else gets to wear a dress from panama?!

    PS. Nice job with the tabs/editing, look at you go!! haha

  2. Great perspective, Beth. It was great getting to know Tom even if just for a short while. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.