Tuesday, May 31

I'm Lovin' it!

Had an amazing longggg weekend.

Because I have to run out the door like, 2 minutes ago (luckily I have understanding bosses...) I'll show you what is making me happy today!

Remembering how adorable our Inn was that we stayed in over the weekend....

How much fun I had with Gdawg :)

How pretty Emily Dickinsons house is!

How delicious this smoothie was (afternoon pick-me-up! berries, ice, greek yogurt and some jelly! YUM)

Lastly, how happy I am that our room lets in so much natural light...

Those are the things making me happy today, how about you Mom?


  1. Those things would make me happy too! Substitute boys ofcourse lol

  2. I want to go there! It looks absolutely incredible.