Thursday, May 19

Sugar Bugs aka Cavities aka Bad Teeth!

Today started out as another dreary spring day in New England. Last night had been difficult because our youngest, Olivia, had a terrible "toof" ache. We adopted her from China and have recently found out that she has some serious problems with her teeth, mostly due to poor prenatal nutrition (I'm certain it can't be the ice cream she had for breakfast when she first arrived!) Well, this morning she woke in terrible pain. Nothing worse than seeing a little one struggle. We were lucky enough to get an appointment with Dr. Matt for this afternoon. I thought we were going in for a check up as Liv is on an antibiotic for an abscess tooth, however I quickly realized that this was not the case; Dr. Matt took one look at her mouth and said "It's got to come out today". He then went onto say that the good news is there will be no more pain and the "toof" fairy will come but the bad news is, it's too late in the day to put her under, and we'll just be using Novocaine. 

Did I mention she is only four?! 


The last time she was at the dentist she had a root canal, so, understandably, there was some serious anxiety in the room! Five hours later Liv has moved on however my jaw still hurts from clenching my mouth! She has her treasure box for the toof fairy and she is quite hopeful for a sizable donation!!
Dr. Matt told her not to look in the chest because her tooth was pretty gross. In reality it was such a mess and broken he didn't want to scare her. But its hard not to look into a treasure chest, especially if you're four :) I have kept her chest so she doesn't "loose" it. 

When I say Liv has bounced back I'm not kidding, she had a great dinner, played with her siblings and enjoyed a game of catch with her best friend Mr. Bates. I on the other hand am still recovering, a glass of wine would help or some ice cream :) Liv went up stairs with Jim (her dad, my husband) and I have been in the kitchen with Aubrey and Mathilda (my other daughter). We were discussing the day and our ice cream choices. Mr. Bates, who is four months old , was playing with something under the table. He kept picking it up and dropping it. I thought it was a pebble so I picked it up to throw away. What to my wondering eyes did appear? A baby toof!!!! Bates being such a good friend, really Liv's best friend made a donation to the cause :))))) I don't think even Lassie was that good a friend with little Timmy!!!!!!!! So the day ends with both our "babies" loosing teeth. The toof fairy needs to leave a little something under two pillows!! That's my best for today. xoxo Mom



  1. Wow, what an eventful day!

    I couldn't view the pics, but I assume all is well in the house after a nice visit from the Toof Fairy!

    Enjoy the hustle and sounds like such fun! ♥

  2. thinking of Liv and hoping her teef feel better now. She's a strong little one, that's for sure. That's more than I could handle for one day, even with the promise of a donation from the toof fairy.

  3. Yeah, she's strong, indeed, because most kids her age throw tantrums whenever they go to the dentists. I guess the 'toof' fairy gave her $10, right? =)