Tuesday, May 17


Aubrey, I know you have been waiting for me to write something......so here goes! I promised Aubrey I would share this blog with her and I haven't been really doing that. I hate to disappoint anyone especially my kids.
George and Aubrey came over for Mothers Day and we sat around having a lovely time. The conversation was all over the place but ended with the BLOG!I could not believe my ears when my eldest told me that I was slacking and that my ADD was to blame :) I do realize this is a very unique opportunity for Aubrey and I and I am truly on board. 
Some pics that George took on Mothers Day!

I will first address the ADD comment, Leonardo Da Vinci was a genuis and he had a million projects and didn't always finish them. I like to think that its all how we label things and I'm labeling myself a Da Vinci!!!! In the same vein I realize that I like to do things well and if I'm not sure I can do it well I hesitate to even try. I start over analyzing and making the "thing" bigger than it needs to be. I think some might label some of my traits as compulsive.
See, some people have to invest in the sort of "genius"!
I think Martha Stewart makes things bigger and more involved than they might need to be, and look at her :) So I am labeling that trait a Stewart!! 
Speaking of "bigger and more involved" - she is genius! Yum!
Lastly, I feel like there should be a purpose for this blog but what? I'm not sure, but I am always giving advice whether it is solicited or not. I push people to try and look for the positive in everything and to honor our true spirit. This might be considered a flaw but it seems to have worked very well for Ms. Winfrey :) So now that she is exiting the stage, I am willing to take up her cause! That's right I'm calling this trait a Winfrey, it's not just your everyday obnoxious meddling, it's Inspiration!!!

What will we do without Oprah?!
Have a great day Aubrey, you are so right about the man-woman thing!! You're smart for figuring it out early:) This is my best for today!! xoxo Mom  

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  1. I love the Da Vinci analogy! I think that's why I've collected vintage quilt squares for nearly 30 years. I have such an affinity for people who start projects with such zeal, then quit before they're completed!

    Glad to know I'm not alone...just don't give up on the blog. It's a great concept!