Monday, May 16

Rugs vs. Games

I think this demonstrates how men and women perceive things in all facets of life, not just colors. Its completely hilarious because us women pride ourselves on the details, the small intricate moments and aspects of life that we truly believe can make all the difference in the world. However, men often overlook the details, not to be careless or cruel but its just not something that stands out to them.

For instance a man can be happy with the way a room looks as long as it has the essentials: TV (top of the line, of course), Playstation, Xbox, Wii (all I can notice is the mess or cords and half open game boxes lying all over the place), over sized, cushy chair/couch (in my apartment it happens to be a foof - awesome), and of course there are a numbers of clickers that will be strewn about to match all these necessary devices. These are the elements that make up a proper and complete looking living room for many males, that I know, anyhow. However, I think that most women will agree with me in saying, "It's all in the details!". The lamps, the furniture, the rugs, the photos, the art, the color pallets, the flowers and so on. It's the details in life that make a room a real, cozy, warm room, or a day, a full, lively, breathtaking day or what can make a fight and true, ugly, rotten fight. Men tend to bullet point life experiences/moments whereas women create mental novels, reminding themselves of the specific details.

I don't think either way you go about it is right or wrong, but this difference certainly exists. One could argue that men skip out on the small bits, sometimes losing sight of what really matters. Yet, on the flip side one could argue that as long as you get the gist, the details don't really matter.

Just some food for thought!


  1. This one is THE picture!
    I totally agree with all you've said. I think lots of women have experienced this several times.