Tuesday, February 4

Where to begin...

This could take awhile so before you read this please plan accordingly! 

Before writing this I was having a debate with myself, go deep and let it all out or keep it light...for those of you who know me I'm sure you could guess, thats right, I am going to keep it light. (Which actually could be a prime example of something that, on occasion, annoys me...my inability to have adult, emotional conversations.) 

So here goes: 
     - I can't say no to food. That annoys the shit out of me, why can't I just walk by the refrigerator without opening the gosh darn door!!! It seems to be a constant battle of wanting to be skinny and wanting to eat the fat, juicy burger, the burger ALWAYS wins.
     - My terribly unattractive habit of biting my nails..I need to fix this before I enter the real world or before someone puts a ring on it ;) my nails aren't exactly photo ready (not that there is a proposal anytime in the near future!) 
      - Another  bad habit of mine is waiting till the last minute to do big projects. I like to think its just me being badass, ya know living on the edge? But my parents and sister have reminded me otherwise, I can assure you. I don't take their reminders into consideration :)
       -My awful driving skills, this I'm sure, I am not the only one who gets annoyed with.  I like to remind people that complain that I have yet to get in an accident nor have I ever been pulled over!!       (knock on wood. No, really please knock on wood after reading this...4 times!) I'm a weeee bit superstitious. Not enough for it to annoy me though! Hopefully the knocking thing doesn't  get out of hand!
       - Lastly, well, that I will write about, because there is too much to get down in one post. Is my terrible choice in men, well boys. :))) haha I'm working on it though! Just weeding out the bad ones while I'm young. I think this bad choice in men comes from being too easy on people, and it could be me being naive too, which are characteristics of mine that often times annoy me as well. 

That's all for now.
This blog posting isn't half bad:P
Just to give you a little insight into my food addiction, I thought it was completely necessary to capture a photo of these candles.

And here are my poor nails :(

But here is the best photo of all, my favorite women, who sometimes annoy me ( if y'all were in our kitchen right now you'd see first hand!) and I sometimes annoy them I'm sure. Nevertheless I'm a lucky gal to have role models like 'em! 

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