Thursday, April 7

A Smaller Nest

My nest isn't quite empty but sometimes the days are. I have hours to fill and don't know what to do with them. It is a weird place that I'm in. My children are grown and off finding their own way, which is what they are suppose to be doing. I still have to be home because unlike most of my friends I still have a four year old. So you see the nest isn't really empty, but after having four children to raise, one just doesn't seem so hard.
Not to mention as an older mom I don't feel like I have anything to prove so it is much easier :) I gave up on trying to be perfect along time ago. Now I'm settling for good!

Olivia is so adaptable and easy that although I worry about her, I certainly don't obsess. I know now that kids don't go to college in pull ups and that given lots of attention and love they turn out just fine. Maybe a little quirky but that just makes life interesting. Which brings me to my life and how I should fill it up!! I'm at a loss. I stayed home with the other kids and worked nights. Things were crazy busy with household chores and school activities. Now my house is mostly clean, not much laundry for three people and no school activities, as Liv is only in pre-school. My problem is that I want to work but not full-time and I want it to be interesting work that will keep my attention. I don't have any ideas:)) but I'm up for anything!! So for today I'm going to buy some pansies and plant them in our window boxes. And wait to be inspired or for ideas from you!!!

All my best:)

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