Saturday, April 9

Saturday Morning Thoughts!

Hey Mom!

Transition periods - I think that is what we are both going thru right now. I am writing this 30 minutes before I have go work a 10 to 4 shift on a Saturday. SATURDAY, me working on a Saturday!! I havent done this since College but this is what taking chances is all about right? Making sacrifices and going outside your comfort zone; saturday work hours are way outside my comfort zone!

I was reading your post thinking about your life and how so much of it has been taking care of the Burke family; an honorable and at times difficult task for sure :-p However, now its your time to do something that makes you happy.

The last few years have been interesting and at times tough ones for us all but it has given me the unique opportunity to see you as a woman and not just my mom. I feel very lucky for this because I now understand and appreciate your role in our lives, in a way that I didn't before. In my opinion you have so much to offer the world and my hope is that when you find what it is you are suppose to do next you go BIG!

I feel overwhelmed all the time, not having a defined path to follow and no site of a destination point but I think that if I follow my gut everything will fall into place. I think and feel this way because you taught me to - so now its your turn to do the same :)

In other news, I spent my entire Friday night watching House Hunters International and catching up on my Bravo shows (George had to work late). It was WONDERFUL! haha What are you all up to today? This is the first weekend in a while that I won't be popping in to say hello (and, um, to do my laundry..), and it feels a little odd. I mean what is a week without a little Liv time...

My FAV pic of Liv and George :)

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