Tuesday, April 5

Nothing Much!!

Hey Aubrey, I am finally able to post something. Unfortunately I find I haven't much to say!!! I have spent the morning doing paperwork. That's just a pretty way of saying bills. A job that is never any fun, well for me anyways. Maybe Susie Orman enjoys it but I cannot think of anyone else who does. I am right now sitting to listening to music while I wait for a representative!!! Some jazz so its not too bad. I feel kinda bad that my first post of giving you my best isn't very interesting:) but some days your best isn't that great! I'm sure it would be better if I had Donald Trumps checking account to work with. I wonder if he were blogging and saw this would he consider sharing? I am beginning to think there is no representative on the other end and they just want me to email them. Well, I say screw that I want to speak to someone. Damn-it!!! They have no idea who they are about to be dealing with:))) It seems strange to me that the easier things are suppose to be, the harder it seems to get anything done??? Do you know what I mean? And things that use to just part of doing business, they now try to charge you for it!! Well I am working myself into a frenzy!!! So I will sign off for today:) There's no crying in baseball! Or bill paying! hehehehe

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