Thursday, April 21

Lotty da da.

"Well lotty da da", is what I was thinking when I read your last post! I can't bake pre-made brownies and here you are whippin' up a feast with just leftovers! Want to know my experience with leftovers?

Open the fridge.
Inspect our leftover tupperware.
Notice mold in every one.

This happened just this morning :-/ Yuck. Two containers were hidden way in the back and while I was rummaging about looking for some salad ingredients, I came upon what I briefly thought was pasta in pesto sauce - ehhhhhh wrong. MOLD. Gwossss.

I sure hope there are leftovers for when I come visit tonight - show off... =)

I can't wait to see Jane Eyre tonight, I'm excited we are finally making time to check it out! George wasn't interested in seeing it and I don't understand why. The storyline is suspenseful/thrilling, with a touch of romance - it's more macho than he thinks.

Isn't this photo amazing? It would be nice to switch spots with this old man for a day or a decade...


  1. Hi Aub,
    Wasn't there a song, many moons ago, called 'Mouldy Old Dough'?
    It's so easy to 'lose' things in the back of beyond in the fridge, is it not.
    The photo is wonderful: an idyll no less.

  2. Yeah Aub, Mouldy Old Dough (1972!!) thanks for the link!