Monday, April 25


"I'm excited to spend the rest of forever with you" - George

Not a bad way to start off our first Easter morning together! :)

I'm typically not a very mushy person, in fact there have been more than a few times where certain family members have referred to me as the "ice princess" - burn!!! But when he shared this thought with me yesterday morning I was more than happy to hear it, so much so that I felt the need to share it with the cyber world (and you too mom!).

Uncle Ree said yesterday that I "finally brought home one that he likes" and although it's a bit of an exaggeration, the sentiment is true. I have definitely gone through my fair share of frogs but it is because of all those not so great relationships that I truly appreciate George - my ohhhh sooo charming prince! Ha Gosh, as if his head needs to get any bigger :0)

Some of my fav pics that he took yesterday:

Mom lookin' hawt!

Jack! Love it :)

Perfect moment.

George and his bro - Zoolander much?! George is the man behind the camera, I'm not sure who was able to snag it away from him but I'm glad they did - this is such a cute one of the two of them! Teddy on the right and George on the left :) 

Great Easter! Hope everyone else had a nice day as well!


  1. Are they twins? They're both cute. So great catch ;)

  2. Nice post Aub, and lovely snapshots too.
    Best wishes to you and yours.
    Philip H.

  3. Damn, that man is a keeper, girl!