Tuesday, April 19

Early Mornings!

Wow, Aubrey! Your mailman is a keeper. I have never heard of such a nice mail person. So I say take good care of him!

My day started at five with your sister whispering in my ear that she was hungry. I whispered back that she needed to go back to bed, it was early. She then screamed that she was really hungry! I then whispered very loudly to shhh, she was going to wake the puppy, who had already been up for a bit and even been out to do his business :) You would be amazed how much I am able to get done in a day when I get up before the rooster!

Today I decided to clean the fridge. It was full of leftovers, I had a light bulb go off in my head. Instead of tossing everything, I would make something delicious. So I put on my thinking cap, looked in the pantry and found chicken broth (plenty). There was leftover roasted potatoes, rice, corn, puff pastry. I began formulating a recipe. The vegetable drawer had carrots, onions, peppers, no celery but what the heck, you can make soup without it. A few other things and the main ingredient chicken (luckily it was already cooked). Tossed stuff into a pot and we have a yummy (if I do say so myself) chicken and wild rice soup for dinner on Thursday!! I found some pearl onions in the freezer....caramelized those babies, threw in shredded carrots, roasted potatoes and leftover corn. Thought I would get fancy and added some wine, MMMMmmm it smelled heavenly. Tore up the chicken, made chicken gravy and topped it all off with puff pastry :) So even if the filling wasn't good at least the crust would be.

All I'm going to say is -TWO helpings!!!  Of course I have a fairly easy audience. Enough food for two meals, a clean fridge, no waste (my Grams would be happy) with plenty of time to walk the dog!!!! Now I'm going to have to figure out what to do before ten tomorrow:)))))

All my best.

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