Thursday, August 28

So Far So Good!

Hey Mom,

Well we've been here almost a week and so far there have been NO tears. Can you believe it? I got misty eyed and anxious about it many times leading up to the big move but since we've been here I've been okay.

Maybe it's because I've been too busy to really think about it? Or maybe its because this is really good for Geo and I and my head/heart knows it? Whatever it is I'm sure the realization of it all will hit me and poor Geo will have to deal with a sloppy, teary-eyed mess! :)

The week has been a good but busy one. I go from finding places that offer wifi (no internet at the house yet) to unpacking boxes, or picking up the yard. Which reminds me last night I was wandering around the yard and found myself instinctively reaching down to yank at weeds... all those years of bitching about having to weed the yard and now I get it! :D

Before I became a grown up and spent time weeding our garden I had a meeting that went very well except for the slight hints of sexism that managed to thread itself throughout the meeting. It wasn't bad intention-ed, in fact he was very kind but his comments instantly reminded me that yes, indeed I'm a woman - boobs and all!

"You don't let them push you around right?!"
"You can put them in their place."

He said things to that effect. Not a huge deal but bothered me, especially considering one of the individuals he thought was "pushing" me around is someone I've hired, that works for me. Ha.

Anyways, there's not too much more to report. Actually, I'm going outside my comfort zone and attending a ladies night "Meet and Greet" for South Shore residents... which means I'll have to be social and friendly - woah, scary things.

Hope your day is going well :)


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