Thursday, March 6

Perfecting the Pantry

     I have been mulling over Cullen's request for a few days.  He has asked for a starter list of pantry items.  What do I have or try to have in my kitchen,  ALWAYS.  So here's the thing, I have been keeping a pantry stocked for so long it's hard to even really know.  I think it's sort of second nature for me.  So to answer the question I have gone through all my cupboards. Whoa!  What a bloody mess. It is time for a little or maybe a lot of Spring cleaning.


     So you see it's not very organized :( I am consumed with guilt and shame :)  I hope the next time any one sees the inside of my kitchen cupboards it's soo clean that it'll bring a tear to Martha Stewart's eye!!!
    Okay, so back to the list. I was going to type it up but I'm old school and a rotten typist :) as you can see I didn't type it.  I used paper and pen!   Anyways, hope this helps.... (might need to zoom in a bit).


     I know I will think of other things and of course we haven't touched upon the gadgets and tools but we'll get to that later!!  My best for today!  Xxoo

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