Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day


                    I remember how exciting school was on valentine's day. I remember decorating shoe boxes so our classmates could deliver cards that looked exactly like this one. I remember having those exact shoes!!  Is this day just for kids, teen love, young love, or the sweet married for ever older couple?  I think it's for anyone who wants to share their heart. In high school my first boyfriend gave me some stinky perfume from the drug store. Yuck!! Of course I saved it and the card forever. 
                   I also remember, like it was yesterday, the first valentine with Jim.  It was a snowy night in Richmond, probably more ice than snow. Jim was sick so I brought Fried Chicken and French Fries and Biscuits (from the restaurant were I worked) to his apartment. I worked late that night and then took the bus into the city (it was a school bus) walked a million blocks :) to his apartment on ice!!  I'm sure I was quite the sight. I not only was carrying a bagful of dinner treats but I also had a big bag of bedding for Jim's gift.  His stuff was really gross. I think he got it from the good will and there was only one pillow.  As I was a college kid I'm sure I also had my backpack with me.  On top of all that I am probably the least graceful person on the planet. Got the visual!?  What I lack in grace I make up in determination.  I think it must have been true love!!!  At any rate we had a fine picnic in his tiny little room. It was all glass windows with very little heat so there was frost on the insides of the windows, it felt like being inside a snow globe with a sweet but sniffy hibernating bear. Poor Jim was soo sick!  What he really needed was a warm room, some chicken soup and his mom. He was a good sport though and we had fun. 
                   There have been many Valentine's since that first. My favorites, always with the kids. We have eaten the same meal year after year. I would make sure the table was set like a five star restaurant. There was always a little something to unwrap and a yummy dessert. Many years there wasn't much money but there was always lots of laughter and love!  Do you girls remember the reggae dance party? Arthur's cd?  Well I sure do, I remember all the homemade cards and wet kisses and sticky hands and squishy hugs. What a lucky girl I am. Cupid has been good to me! :) 


                                   My best for today is sending hugs and kisses to all of you!!

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  1. Of course I remember those dinners! Nothing like fine china with fried chicken :)