Monday, January 27

Winter in New England

The sun finally came out today.  For a very brief moment, the results were stunning.  Giving us all a tease for more.  It's New England and the one thing we know....   The weather will change!  Always! It was a bleak and dreary January day here, but then there was this. 
    First there was this little glimpse 

    Then this show of color 

     Finally just a streak left in the sky! 

    Will the sun come out tomorrow?  Sailors say yes!!        
    So do I, natures best for today. 


  1. Pretty! :) PS. Dinner last night was so good!! I'm sitting here in a Starbucks thinking about what I ate last night rather than the work I have in front of me... it's going to be a long day! :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed dinner. Sounded like you guys were having fun. Tonight I made Irish chili!!! Smells pretty good :) have a great day. Xo