Sunday, January 26

Food for Thought

     I love cooking when there are people around to eat the food.  Jim is to easy, if he's hungry he'll eat anything and think its good. Olivia has become very picky. Pasta, grits, pineapple or chips, that's about it unless I put my foot down.  So it's fun with Aubrey and George in the house!
    Last weekend our other couple (Cullen and Julie) were home and they are great to feed too!!  So I'm thinking of putting a little recipe book together for the kids. Trying to decide on which foods to include and what the next steps are.

   So friends and family speak up. Tell me what you like and come on over and I'll try my best :)
 Family sloppy joe recipe will be in it for sure. Here's a twist on it. Sloppy Dog or Hot Joe? 

There is of course the bread salad. Here's the winter twist on that favorite. Easy Caprese or Pizza Caprezza? If anyone has a better name, throw it in! :)
Another resolution hint :)

     That's it, my best for today! Xx

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