Friday, November 1

Mom Post: Super Sneakers


         It was so nice chatting with you this morning. Since you are busy I thought I would continue our conversation here.  It is weird to be writing to you but knowing others might being reading our stuff.  So I feel like I should include them in my expressions, but not quite sure how. So if anyone is reading this who isn't my kid, I'd like to say hello and feel free to speak your mind anytime you think we are full of it!!! :)  That is probably a lot but we can take it!

         When we spoke this morning and you said enjoy your day, most time I don't give those salutations another thought. My response to you though, was I am and that I'm going to.  We laughed but the thing is I am just really letting myself relax and enjoy what is ahead of me. Whether it's the day or the future. When I was a kid my mom and dad taught us to be productive. No sitting until everything was done!  So I feel a bit guilty that my "work" load is so much less now.  Having one child and not working nights feels like a breeze.  I have seven hours five days a week to fill with whatever I want. I  know how hard your Dad works so I feel guilty when I'm not cleaning or cooking or fixing something.   I am very very lucky and know it.   Like any change there are adjustments to make.  My way of thinking being the biggest one of all :)  I am so excited because this fall.  I have figured out what they are and gotten back to doing things I love.  I have taken it slowly and not over booked myself, staying busy but having time to just be.  

          This week my "joy bubble" is full because my tennis coach told me it is time to spend money on a real racquet and donate the $25.00 one to a child!!! This new development has made me feel very strong and confident just plain old happy.  I hit 300 balls in an hour. I felt like a kid,  I have found the sweet spot and I am putting  a top spin on my ball.  :) truly amazing for me!  That being said, Venus has nothing to worry about.  Are you asking how this all came about?  Well, I owe it all to my new SNEAKERS!  Yep, they help me run faster, jump higher and turn on a dime.  Who knew that the right shoes could make such a difference but my feet are happy, they don't hurt anymore. I guess they aren't suppose too!  Well it makes a big difference to me and maybe that's all that matters!! :)  I am ready for my commercial now ...thanks Boston Ski & Tennis. 


   Pretty huh?  Well, Happy Halloween.  I'm off to get lunch. That's my best today!  Mom

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