Friday, July 22

What a Week

This week has been one of excitement! Lots of great things going on, including the potential for a West Coast move (exciting AND terrifying!) but today, as I mosie around my parents home I'm struck by the simple things. Things I would surely miss...
Vibrant blue hydrangea's everywhere.

Cozy sitting areas.
Family dinners.

Lazy poolside days.

Oh and in other news, my boyfriend has officially seen me at my absolute worse. I didn't even realize I could be such a disgusting person! The sickest I have ever been, 2 hrs before one of the biggest interviews of his life and there I am half naked, helpless, bodily fluids left and right, calling for my Mom and acting pitiful. It was NOT a pretty site, whatsoever. So Bond, I am officially saying this where the whole world can see (aka our 8 followers) I will make the bed the entire month of August. Woo, there I said it. You are one lucky guy :)

P.S. Mom, I love you but if you are only going to write on this thing when we have more followers then I'm just not sure I can work with you... want me to do all the dirty work and then hop on board when it's more fun for you?! Ha! :0)


  1. Wow exciting about the potential move. That house looks amazing! I love hydrangeas.

  2. It's not Anonymous, it's just Laurnen:

    Alright Aub, let's get moving, it's been 4 days...POST! :) How about this weekend's family meet and greet?

    Sometimes I feel like when I "grow up" I'm going to be that woman with menopause-red hair, eyebrows singed off-lord knows why-mumbling about Horcruxes and Job Lot and eating tuna fish from the can. But seeing women like your mom (aka The Phantom Blogger), Marsha, and Martha, is giving me hope that there is a way to get "there." To give, grow, and love, and still have an individuality like no one else.

    Can you tell I'm procrastinating? And that I've had too much coffee?