Friday, July 29

Life is a highway...

Sitting here, staring at my blank post and thinking about where my life will take me in the next few months whennnnnn "Life is a highway" comes on! Haha Moments like that make me giggle, which is what I'm doing right now :)

Missing you this week, Mom - I know we just saw each other last weekend but things feel like they've been kinda crazy. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and the poor woman must have thought I was a complete wack-job. This is how part of the conversation went:
Doctor - How's your mood lately?
Me - Good. I have my ups and downs but I'm good.
Doctor - How are you today?
Me - Um, I'm ok.
Doctor - Do you think you're depressed?
Me - No.

Que tears.

Ahhh haha! I don't know why I cried, I think I was just overtired and feeling overwhelmed by life lately. All good things but its a lot to take in. My Doctor was great, said all the right things. Started talking about how hard it is to be a woman, you want to fix everything and if you can't fix it then you just push it aside and give up on it - not bothering to reach out for help. This year has been so exciting and such a roller-coaster but I think its taken a toll on me. I'm definitely ready for things to calm down and for us to have a "highway" to follow, whether it takes us to Seattle, San Francisco or even just down the road to Boston. I don't know why I cried, but I'm glad it happened because it felt good even if it was for no reason at all :-p

Bond, this pic is for you. I'm not "passionate" about them but I certainly can appreciate them =)

Abbey Sidewalk

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