Saturday, May 14

Morning Time Moments


Mom, Due Date - Crying laughing throughout the whole thing! It reminded me of Tommy Boy so obviously I loved it :)  Anyone who has yet to see it, I highly recommend it :)

Secondly, George and I are less than 5 feet away from one another and are conversing via g'chat - think this is a problem? :-p Our relationship started out as a virtual one so I suppose it only makes sense that we continue that! 

Lastly, Gdawg gave me his old camera (that he barely touched) so needless to say even the most mundane images seem "artistic" to me... some morning time moments from the week:

My trusty old bike!

Any suggestions on how I can hide those ugly wires?

I love that my office area looks out to trees :)

Off to work for much of the day, hope you have a great day Mom!

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