Friday, May 13

Going in Circles

My week in a blurb:

Social media chaos. Household chaos. Apartment spring cleaned and organized. More social media chaos. Cloudiness brings indifference/laziness. Waitressing night shift (no screw ups this time - yay!). Into the city for a day of work. Out of the city for a meeting in the burbs. A night with my family. A double shift of waitressing (lots of screw ups - no!). Sore feet in bed. Early morning wake up for a half day of work in the city. Pilates class. Someday I'll be flexible, someday. Social media work. Quick nap. Feeling a cold come on. Shit.

And now I'm here, typing this out while wrapped in a towel because it would be really nice if my bf came home and instead of being in waitress gear, business outfit or my pjs, I was ready to go out to dinner looking FINEEEEEEEEEEE. Maybe I'll even shave my legs - oh now he'd really be in for a treat!


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