Tuesday, April 12

Cooking Chaos

"I swear, I use to be better at this!"

That is what I often hear myself saying to George, after yet another FAILED dinner is plated and picked at; last night was, unfortunately, no exception.

First we had the sweet potato fries - burnt to a crisp.
Secondly we had the ham and cheese frittata - watery and mushy.
Thirdly we had (what I was hoping would make up for the bad meal) brownies - uncooked and gooey, sort of delish but not what I was going for.

Thankfully George is extremely kind hearted (or perhaps just has crap for taste buds) and managed to eat the entire dinner. I on the other hand could not stomach the egg and ham bits floating on my plate, yuck!

So, Mom, any suggestions?! The eggs, why were they watery?! The sweet potatoes, is it better to cut them into thicker chunks? I feel like they take forever to cook when they are chunkier. And the brownies, even though I would love to eat brownie batter from here on out I do realize its not the healthiest way to go. I think its pretty obvious my mistake with those, next time I will leave them in longer!

I keep thinking about how I use to be so much "better" at cooking, but maybe that's not the case at all. When I was cooking for myself I just didn't really care as much as I do now that I am cooking for my roomie/bf :)  Now I want the food to taste good, for him and me.

So coming to this conclusion forces me to reconcile with the fact that perhaps all along I have been a shitty cook...


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