Wednesday, April 13

Cooking 101

Aubrey, dont beat yourself up!!! No one starts of with a show on the food network :) I believe the most important part of cooking is preparation. The chefs on tv have staffs, the rest of us don't. You, my dear are a rookie, we all learn best from our screw-ups! Keeep take-out numbers handy, remember its toss and dial. Most important though is, cooking should be fun, like playing in the dirt! Dont be afraid to get dirty and experiment.

I have always found that our life as a family and my own piece of mind, function better when I have planned ahead. That for me means taking time and making a menu for the week ahead. Planning out what I can cook together, like chicken breast with rice and salad one night and then later in the week chicken soup or fajitas. When I was working nights I use to prepare food on sundays so putting things together during the week was easier. Like prepping the lettuce, chopping it up and putting it in a bag. Then tossing it together with grape tomatos and whatever else we had, throughout the week. Making at least one soup a week, its a great sterecther and good for lunch too.

The key is plenty of tupperware.....I know you've got some since much of mine is misssing :) Always have some kind of pasta, garlic, parmesan cheese and olive oil. Lastly a good box of ceral in the cupboard when all else fails, frosted flakes are GGRREEAATT!!! There are other things you should always have in your "pantry" but thats cooking 102. Good luck tonight Luv, all my best :)

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