Monday, March 17

St. Patrick's at the Burke House

              A longtime ago, about 25 years and a place far away well, about 30 miles, a very strange and magical thing happened to the Burke children.  They woke up on St. Patrick's Day and during the night their house had been cleaned and there were small little gifts left on a table for Aubrey and Cullen. They had shamrock pancakes and read silly books it was great fun for all but now I was on the hook!!!
             Twenty-five years ago Jim and I didn't have much money but we had lots of imagination and love for our two little kids. We would try to find ways to make them feel special and rich with magical moments.  So... the leprechauns, fairies and pixies would visit once a year. Sometimes they would pick up the house and be very helpful.  Sometimes they were feeling mischievous and would mess up the house. They always would leave a little treat to eat and most times a very small gift. Golden books were there favorite things to leave for the children.  No matter what they always left behind little traces of being there, like a wee small picnic basket or a hat or book. Of course there was always, always fairy dust.  Little trails of gold pixie dust all about.  How fun for Aubrey and Cullen and then eventually Jack and Mathilda, for Mom and Dad too :) 
              Things went along just fine until, the Burke kids started going to school.  Seems not all kids got visits from the wee little people.  What a problem it was for the head leprechaun. Phone calls from parents and teachers. Yikes! What a stir a little magic can cause.  So the story became about feeling special and lucky but not making others feel bad. That sometimes its best not sharing ones good fortune to everyone. 
            As you all know those kids grew up and while we still celebrate being Irish Americans the wee little people stop showing up for awhile.  That is until another little girl came to live with the clan. Yep, they are back in full force leaving magic in their wake. Olivia loves the stories of the pixies and fairies and leprechauns. Her imagination runs wild with it. This morning when Livy came downstairs she was quite excited and thrilled to see the mess that was left in our house.  There was fairy dust everywhere and a little book about the magic of leprechauns.  It was hard for her to get ready for school, she couldn't wait to tell her friends and hear what they all got for St. Paddy's Day.  Oops, I forgot about this part.  I quickly sent an email to her first grade teacher and then began to explain the holiday.  It kinda went like this, "A long time ago one of ancestors in Ireland probably married a fairy and that's why they still keep track of us".  Olivia thought about it and I swear you could see her brain smoking, she had lots of questions and seemed ok with my explanation.  Mostly, I hope she understood that we need to keep this on the down low as not to cause issues at school.  She finished her morning stuff and we got ready for the bus. 
           If you know Olivia then you know the conversation wasn't over.  I think what happened next was over the top delicious. Here's how it went. 
O.  Mom do we have like five fairies in the family and two leprechauns? 
M.  Maybe Liv, I don't know. It was a very long time ago. Ancient times. 
O.  Mom, are they in our family because we are Scottish like Uncle Bill?
M.  No, we aren't from Scotland our people are from Ireland.
O.   So we're Irish (pause) and Chinese. 
M.  Yep! 
O.   Mom, that makes us Chirish huh?  Mom, I think that makes us very magical right?
M.   :) I think it might!!! 
          So, that's how this day started I don't know that it can get much better.  My best for today is that you all feel special and magical, sprinkled with a little bit of pixie dust.  Mostly to know that you are loved!!! XXoo   

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