Wednesday, January 15

Mom Post: Family

So I was thinking that I have not posted any photos of the whole Burke clan. After looking at other blogs I feel like I should introduce the people who have given my life purpose!

So without further delay they are... Say Hello to: Aubrey, Cullen, Jack, Mathilda and Olivia!  


Of course none of them would exist and we wouldn't have the wonderful life that we do without my husband.  He is way more than a photo can show but I think  he's pretty alright.  So here he is... James

James"David Lynch"
James"Robin Hood"
Oh that's me!

I think they are a good representation of this clan. They show that they are a happy group and that Jim is a great DAD!!  If you want to learn about the rest of the clan, keep reading our blog! :)

Lots to do this morning and time is short, this is my best for today! To anyone who may be reading this little blog of ours, Welcome to our Family! 

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