Friday, October 11

Here we go again!


I'm not the most organized or committed person but I am always willing to try again!  So after our conversation, and you telling me that over 8,000 people have stopped by this blog of ours, I decided that we should try it one more time! So I am going to look at it as a pledge :) I don't know if I'll be able to post every day, but I'll do my best!  I will think of it as a journal and I don't know that my life is as exciting as some other housewives, but I certainly have plenty to say!! My kids might even consider me a "Know It All" (I consider it a mom's job!) I might not know it all but that won't stop me from speaking up. So here goes nothing...
             It is a beautiful fall morning here in the Northeast. We are on alert for a black bear in our little town. Not much happens here in the bury, so this is big news! Mr. Bates (our dog) is fairly indifferent.  I told him he couldn't go out on his own and explained why, his expression didn't change nor did he move from his spot in the sun. I am sitting here enjoying my coffee but feeling like I should get up and be productive.  But maybe this is exactly what I need to be doing. My mind needs to be quiet and what better place than in my own corner of the world. 
             I think no matter where you live, big or small, all women should carve out a spot that is just theirs. Men and children have a way of spreading out and claiming everywhere as theirs. They are like mold :)  In the most lovely way, of course! Since we don't want to use bleach on them (I kid, I kid!), it is necessary to build boundaries. Find a corner that others have to ask for permission to use or come into. For me it is a corner in our living room. The chair and ottoman use to be blue, they have since been recovered, but the name" big blue" has stuck. I sit here and am surrounded by some of my favorite things. I have windows to look out that offer a view throughout the day. At night when I can't sleep it provides me a dreamy embrace.  I have my books and knitting, magazines and catalogs, my iPad and knook; if there was a fridge I wouldn't ever have to leave :)  All the things in this space are solo activities. Not that I don't invite people in sometimes (its a great place for a cuddle) but when I'm in my place I always feel like I can say " beat it". 

              That is what I hope for you.  To know that you deserve a place that's just yours. Women spend their lives giving to everyone but if you don't have a refuge, a spot that is your own, how can you recharge?  I don't think you can. So be firm and find your corner. I'm still working on this boundary stuff (as I imagine most of us are) but sitting on "Blue" is the perfect place for me to stop and just be. It's also my place to start :) So here goes... giving you my best for today!


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