Tuesday, August 2

Turbo Tink!!

          It is spectacular outside this morning!!  No humidity, blue skies, birds singing,  LIFE IS GOOD!  I am heading out to get a dunkin donut coffee so in ten minutes it will be better.  I don't make very good coffee, actually it's awful.  So I usually buy a cup a day,  my way of helping the economy:)  It scares me a little that Liv now asks for her breakfast from DD and  knows the menu pretty well.  But I'm committed to bringing the economy back one sip at a time!!!!!
          I am also committed to letting Liv choose her on clothes.....well for this month anyways!!! She is an amazing fashionista superhero!  That's all I've got for today.  We are off to the dentist, farm stand and then poolside!!  Any of my children, and I mean all of them are welcome to join us.  That's my best for today  xoxo Mom


  1. Laughed out loud at this! So happy to see you taking the blogosphere by storm!

  2. PS. I don't know why it says that "Aubrey" is the author - grr, we still have some kinks to fix here!