Wednesday, August 3

An Apology

Dear Boyfriend,

I am sorry the alarm did not go off on this very important day. I am even more sorry that the phone stayed on silent and I missed ALL of your frantic calls during your crazed ride home from the airport. I still can't believe you forgot your ID, that is something I would totally do - I'm rubbing off on you! :))))) Back to apologizing...

I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful this morning and that I slept through it all.

I'm sorry that you didn't listen to me when I said "make sure your license and debit card are in your wallet"...but that's just a minor minor detail. Really minuscule part of this whole apology post. I promise :) hehe

On the bright side, the last time you had a really stressful morning before a big interview it ended up going well! So I'm sure that will be the case today. You've got the whole package: smarts, looks, personality, great work ethic, an ID and oh, an amazeballs girlfriend, who just happens to lurve you to bits.


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