Monday, June 27

The American Dream or Something Like it :)

It's been about two months since I left a stable job to try something I feel passionate about. So my time has been spent between sitting at my computer, running around with George and picking up shifts at the local pub in our neighboring town. It's been busy but this is what I wanted, right? Well George recently found out that he will most likely be out of a job come this Friday so of course this has been cause for worry and stress on my part. So much so that I started looking at full time jobs a couple weeks ago, ones that could provide security/stability. That's normal, typical behavior for anyone in my situation but over the weekend it dawned on me that perhaps I am subconsciously just taking the easy way out. Working at a restaurant, on your feet all day is not all that glam, and then to top it off, having to come home to multiple social media to-do lists, with no dinner in sight - well I think its been starting to wear on me. So naturally bailing because things have gotten tough is WAS my solution to the problem. Once I was able to step away from myself, and see what I was doing I tsk tsked myself and got back in the game, full force.

Doing social media for small, up and coming business' is what I want to do. I want flexibility in my schedule, I want to be able to work from home, I like seeing the numbers fluctuate and I love being able to make (what I feel like) is a small yet definite dent in a company's marketing campaign. So regardless of where George and I end up, I'm going to continue with this because I think, I really think this is something I could be good at.

In your last post you asked me what would it take to make me feel successful and I have thought about that a lot lately. I worry that there isn't anything that would make me feel that way, that I am always going to feel a bit lost and that in a way nothing (career wise) will make me happy. However, if I force myself to imagine 10 years from now where I am in life this is what I see: kids, George, being close to family (or at least having the funds to visit often), travel, and working for myself. The American Dream right?! haha It's maybe a bit over the top but I think if I just really bust my butt now than its possible.

I hopped on the bandwagon this past weekend and am not a "tweeter". I have been pretty indifferent to the world of twitter however realized last week that I am working in the world of social media and so, I might as well embrace it. Anyone who's interested (if there's anyone who reads this besides you mom :) check me out at @Aubss44 !

Your turn Mom, what will make you feel successful? Besides having raised 4 kids, and still in the process of doing so with #5 :) What do you want to get out of life? I worry that once I start having children I'll lose part of my identity and seeing as though I already have issues defining who I am, the whole kids thing could really screw me up! :) 

Off to cook some dinner....considering all I have to work with is: pasta, turkey, corn, and cereal, poor George is going to have quite the mishmash :)

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