Thursday, March 3

Signs and Train Time Slime

Last night I was a brat to George (bf), I got home with a headache, decided I couldn’t find it in me to use my manners or the kindness that I know you’ve (mom) instilled in me year after year. For some reason it was just all tossed out the window last night and I did not have the will to retrieve  it.

This morning I hopped on the train and saw a familiar face; a man who just a few weeks ago I saw hitting on a much younger (college aged) woman. Something about him just screamed slimeball, perhaps I’m just being judgmental but he donned a large leather jacket, far too much cologne and a confident yet sly persona. I couldn’t believe it as I watched him win over this young woman – so much so that I nearly knocked a man out as I tried to peel thru the crowds and keep up with them as they slinked thru the train station. I just thought something seemed incredibly off and bizarre about the whole thing.

Well today, this is the man I noticed. As I collected my items and prepared to exit the train my eye caught a glimmer of shine coming from this man’s ring finger.

He’s a married man! I knew something was up! I credit all the hours of Law and Order, CSI and so on for the detective skills that I have obviously picked up along the years… J

Anyways, I was astounded and repulsed by this man’s behavior. It wasn’t until later this morning that I started to piece the last 24 hours together. Here I am with a good man (one with only eyes for me) and I am treating him like crap. Shame shame.

Every once in a while it feels like God reminds me in different ways how lucky I am. It’s just my job to put the pieces together.

That’s my spiel for the day – weekend is almost here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend it with the bf!!

Who could be mean to this face anyways?

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  1. Love when things are shown to me! But we can all be moody, no worries