Wednesday, March 16

Choosing Happiness :)

While lying in bed last night I felt like everything around me was crumbling. Dramatic much? Yes! I had this overwhelming sense that I wasn't living the life I am suppose to be living. I started to question everything I have done lately, what my intentions have been and started to focus on the person I am now, compared to the person I use to be in college. I laid there panicking, holding back the tears so my bf wouldn't see my sadness (I have this bizarre aversion to emotions, letting others see weakness). I counted to ten and this is what I came up with:

There will never be enough time in the day - deal with it. 
My life is full of amazing people - I am luckier than most.
I am not the person I was in college - I am better.
My goals are no longer the same as they use to be - this is okay.
Just as my friends have changed - I have too.
Ironing does not have to be a dreaded chore - it can be a time to breathe.
Grocery shopping on the weekend matters - cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not fun. 
Feeling bad about my body does not do anything - getting up and moving will.
Happiness is a choice - and I need to choose this every morning because life is goooood. 

Today was a good day and I'm happy to say, I'm looking forward to tomorrow :)

NOW to back it up a bit this is what some of my weekend looked like:

Adventure with George!

Morning walk with Liv!

Some fun antiquing!

Between lots of yummy meals with the fam, and a visit from the leprechauns, I'd say this weekend was an extremely happy one!

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